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At Ledy’s Auto Repair, we have a firm belief that our customers come first. We’ve maintained an extremely successful auto repair shop here in North Dallas for many years. A few of those reasons being because our customers are highly valued to us, as we treat each of their vehicles like our own and because we always provide an exemplary customer service model, insisting that our honesty and communication are two things we’ll never sacrifice.

Since we started our business back in the mid 2010’s, we found out that there was a huge need in Plano for a high quality, professional group of mechanics that specialized in engine repair, transmission repair, brakes, brake pads, and oil changes. We’ve found that our services are so high quality that we’ve been able to acquire a lot of clients that were previously going to our rivals.

Ledy’s Auto Repair is the best auto body shop in Plano. Lucio Perez runs this company with an exceptional mindset: provide the absolute greatest service for the lowest price. Professional, affordable and honest – these are 3 words that we strive to live by. Our company intends to grow significantly over the next 3-5 years as we have goals to expand into Central Dallas and the surrounding towns.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to supply you with the best auto body repair service in Plano and the surrounding towns!


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